Year 5 Chapter 24 Update Available

Year 5 Chapter 24 is now available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.  Break the curse and free the students from their portraits.  You’ll also learn the spells Switch: Tortoise & Hare and Reductor Curse.

Year 5 Chapter 24

hogwarts mystery year 5 chapter 24

Start Chapter 24 out by heading over to the Hog’s Head Inn and getting some Prank Ideas from Bilton Bilmes.  Maybe he can help you deal with Peeves?  You will also learn Switch: Tortoise & Hare in Transfiguration Class and the Reductor Curse in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

There are also some new quests in Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts Classes.


You will learn the Switch Tortoise to Hare in Transfiguration.  Watch Professor McGonagall closely to learn this awesome new spell!  You will ber rewarded 5 gems upon completion.

New Transfiguration Class Question:

What do Switching Spells do?
Swap Objects for Each Other

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Madam Rakepick will teach the powerful Reductor Curse in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

There are no new questions asked during this activity.  Just complete tasks as always and learn the Reductor curse.  You will have to complete all 5 stars in the 3 hour time limit.