Year 5 Chapter 21 and House Pride Event

There is a new chapter available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.  Continue the search for the Cursed Vaults now!

Year 5 Chapter 21

After recovering from an encounter with a certain rat in the previous chapter, continue your quest to free the trapped students.  Speak with the Hogwarts Ghosts to find Peeves and force him to aid you.

hogwarts mystery year 5 chapter 21

There are also two new lessons in Charms and Flying classes: Deletrius and Thread the Needle.

Charms Deletrius Lesson (The Eradication Spell)

What is the primary use of the charm Scourgify?

Flying – Thread the Needle Lesson

Who has been to every Quidditch World Cup since they were born?
Which Quidditch team has only female players?
Holyhead Harpies

House Pride Event

Yet another House Pride Event is available for the next 7 days, you will need to earn 25 house points to qualify for rewards.  This event will be a head to head competition between two houses and will reward a new cosmetic robe in your house color.

hogwarts mystery march house pride

Personal Rewards are as follows:
25 Points – 2 red notebooks
55 Points – 2 regular notebooks
90 Points – 3 red notebooks
140 Points – 2 blue notebooks
210 Points – 4 red notebooks