Tulip Karasu Friendship Guide

Who is Tulip Karasu?

Tulip Karasu is a Ravenclaw student in the same year as the Main Character of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.  She is highly intelligent, but has developed a rebellious streak due to her strict upbringing as her parents are both employees of the Depart of Magical Law Enforcement.  She shared some form of friendship with Merula Snyde during her first two years at Hogwarts, but they turned on each other at some point in third year.  Thus Tulip is available to become a friend in year 3.

Upon becoming friends you will be able to share a meal in the Great Hall, drink butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, and play Gobstones in the Courtyard.  Each activity is a series of four questions which will reward up to three diamonds that translate into experience for Tulip’s friendship level.  The experience required and reward for each level are as follows:

2 – 80 experience, 5 gem reward
3 – 100 experience, 5 gem reward
4 – 120 experience, 5 energy reward
5 – 240 experience, 5 energy reward
6 – 350 experience, 10 energy reward
7 – 600 experience, 10 energy reward
8 – 800 experience, 15 energy reward
9 – 1200 experience, 15 energy reward
10 -1300 experience, Special Dungbomb Necklace cosmetic reward
tulip karasu and barnaby lee friendship rewards in hogwarts mystery
Now we will go over the answers to every question Tulip Karasu can potentially ask during the activities you complete with her.  Answers in green are worth 10 points while answers in yellow are worth 5.  Some questions will have two 10 point answers.  You should always pick a green (10 point) answer.

Meal with a Friend

Tulip will quiz you on your troublemaking abilities.

Where can you stash things?
The Artefact Room

Who’s the best troublemaker?

What’s the worst Punishment?
Getting Expelled
Getting Detention

Where should you buy jokes?
Zonko’s Joke Shop

Who should you watch out for?
Professor Snape
Mr. Filch

Play Gobstones

Answer Tulips questions on jokes and tricks to win against her at Gobstones.

What’s a proper smelly trick?
Stink Pellets

What could make someone flee?
Fanged Frisbees
Ever-Bashing Boomerangs

What does the most damage?
Fanged Frisbees
Biting Doorknobs

What trick might someone eat?
Acid Pops

What could disgust someone?
Whizzing Worms
Frog Spawn Soap

What could be mixed in a drink?
Belch Powder
Bulbador Powder

Drink Butterbeer

Answer questions about Tulip to show how well you know her.

Who was I friends with before?

Where did we meet?
The Transfiguration classroom

What do I call you?
She calls you by your characters First and Last name.  Ex: “Harry Potter”

Where do my Parents work?
Ministry of Magic

What’s my pet?

What’s my surname?

What’s my favorite prank?