The Spirit of Fashion Event now live in Hogwarts Mystery

The Spirit of Fashion Event is live in Hogwarts mystery.  This is the longest event to date, lasting 8 full days.  Your goal is to receive 90 crests, earned by getting full stars in any class, in order to unlock all the awesome rewards!  Male and Female characters will each receive a unique dress outfit.  The rewards are as follows:

9 Crests – 1000 Gold
25 Crests – 10 Gems
50 Crests – 4000 Gold
70 Crests – 15 Gems
90 Crests – Special Dress Outfit

Female Version:
screenshot of the spirit of fashion event in hogwarts mystery

Male Version:
Male version of the spirit of fashion Hogwarts Mystery Event

Now go complete your classes to collect these great rewards!