Hogwarts Mystery Potions Class Guide

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Potions class is taught by Professor Severus Snape and will reward up to 100 knowledge attribute points.  Additionally students will be able to earn gold, gems, energy, and even more attributes.  This Hogwarts Mystery Potions Class guide will cover every question which can potentially be asked during lessons.  Check out our general Class Guide for more information and strategies.

As you progress through potions one of three random mini-games will occasionally need to be completed: tracing a shape with your finger, stopping an expanding circle within a specific location, or answering a question from a teacher or friend.  Questions will have 3 multiple choice selections with only 1 correct answer.  All questions will be covered below, correct answers are in green.

Potions Class Questions

Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in the Antidote to Common Poisons
Red Myrrhe

What type of potion does Golpalott’s Third law pertain to?

Who wrote Magical Draughts and Potions?
Arsenius Jigger

Which condition could be remedied by a Calming Draught?

Which ingredient is not used in Shrinking Solution?
Rotten Egg

What is the best way to extract juice from the Sopophorous Bean?
Crush it

Which potion does not contain Valerian Sprigs?
Polyjuice Potion

Which of these is an ingredient in Polyjuice Potion?
Powdered Bicorn Horn

What type of Potion is Weedosoros?

What potion has Valerian Sprigs in it?
Forgetfulness Potion

An infusion of Wormwood is NOT an ingredient in which of these potions?
Beautification Potion

What kind of cauldron do first year students need?

Pepperup Potion evolved from a remedy created by what 12th century wizard?
Linfred of Stinchcombe

If I wanted to use an ageing potion to make myself significantly older, what would I do?
Drink a Bigger Quantity

General Class Questions

Our Hogwarts Mystery Potions Class Guide only covers the questions we’ve personally encountered.  For a full list of questions check out our General Class Guide.

Where did Rowan Khanna grow up?
On a tree farm

Which potion would make Rowan feel better?
Pepperup Potion

Who previously held Snape’s post as Potions Master?
Horace Slughorn

Which of these words best describes Slytherin House?

What item in the Headmaster’s Office allows you to review bottled memories?
The Pensieve

Who is the Astronomy professor?
Professor Sinistra

Who is the Caretaker of Hogwarts?

Please let us know if we missed anything.  Thanks!