New House Pride Event

There is a new House Pride event available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Earn up to 260 house crests to achieve maximum rewards!

House Pride Event

As always classes must be fully completed (all bonus stars earned) in order to gain House Crests. Remember to check back before each class expires, try to be consistent and you will gain every reward.

hogwarts mystery house pride september event
Earn a special Red jacket cosmetic in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The top earner in your house will receive a special red jacket cosmetic outfit (pictured above), in addition every member of the first place house will also receive the outfit.

House Pride Personal Rewards

Earn up to 260 crests in Hogwarts Mystery for maximum rewards. A full list of rewards follows:

30 Crests – 2 Red Notebooks
70 Crests – 2 Regular Notebooks
120 Crests – 3 Red Notebooks
190 Crests – 5 Red Notebooks
260 Crests – 4 Blue Notebooks

Special Bundles

There are also a new Special Bundles that can be purchased for real money. The first one offers 130 gems, 130 energy, 4 red notebooks, and 2000 gold. The second offers 6 red notebooks, 2 blue notebooks, 125 energy, and a Crup cosmetic skin.

hogwarts mystery crup special bundle