Magical Creatures Everywhere! Adventure Guide


All of the magical creature escaped when Hagrid and Professor Kettleburn were transporting them from Care of Magical Creatures Class.  They are confident that all the animals will be recovered with some help from you in the Magical Creatures Everywhere adventure.  You will be rewarded with gold, gems, and red notebooks for your troubles.

Part 1

Meet Hagrid and Professor Kettleburn in the Hogwarts Courtyard where they request your help.  Amos Diggory has been called in to assist as he works in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

recapture escaped creature plan hogwarts mystery

This is followed by a short 1 hour activity that requires 1 star to complete, 4 additional stars are available as a bonus.  Let your energy regenerate after picking up 1 star, or just finish them all if you’re in a hurry.

Turns out they managed to lose a bunch of bowtruckles, fairies, porlocks, fire crab, crups, murtlaps, puffskeins, porlocks, kneazles, and an aggressive hippogriff.  Amos Diggory will then ask what you will do if you find a dangerous creature, choose any of the answers to progress.

dangerous magical creatures everywhere hogwarts mystery

Now Meet Hagrid and Fang in the Transfiguration Classroom to look around for more creatures.  This starts a 1 hour activity that requires all 5 stars to complete.

You will find a Kneazle which was mistakenly transfigured into a cauldron, Hagrid will ask what you know about them and you can choose one of 3 options: They can sense when people are frightened.  They can sense suspicious behaviour.  They can sense when people are werewolves. Kneazles are known to be able to sense suspicious behavior, however you do not need to select the correct answer to progress.

Next meet Professor Flitwick in Charms class to search for more creatures, apparently a bunch of fairies got into the classroom.  This is a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

After searching the classroom your character apparently notices some buzzing noises.  Flitwick will ask what you think the creatures are… again you are presented with three choices: fairies, pixies, and doxies.  The correct answer is Fairies and you will be rewarded with house points for answering correctly. Flitwick will then immobilize all the fairies with Immobulus and send you on your way.

A visit to the hospital wing is next.  Madam Pomfrey will need you to deal with a frightened porlock who has taken up residence near one of the beds.

Start off by trying to figure out what the porlock wants… this is a 3 hour activity which only requires 1 star to complete.

what do porlocks eat hogwarts mystery

This leads to a question from Madam Pomfrey: Do you know what Porlocks eat?  The correct answer is Grass.  She comments on how well you must be excelling at Care of Magical Creatures and that concludes Part 1 of the Magical Creatures Everywhere adventure.  You will be rewarded with 100 gold for your efforts.

Part 2

Start off Part 2 by visiting Professor Snape in the Potions classroom.

potions classroom covered with puffskeins

The Classroom is covered in Puffskeins and Snape is none too pleased.  Be nice and select “nothing at all” when he questions you to gain 5 house points.

Proceed to help gather the Puffskeins.  This is a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

After collecting an armful of Puffskeins Snape will send you away…

help snape collect puffskeins

Filch is up next and he’s waiting for you in the West Towers Corridor.

It appears Mrs. Norris and Filch have crossed paths with the escaped Fire Crab.  Help Amos Diggory stop the Fire Crab from incinerating Filch and Mrs. Norris.. unfortunately there is no option to refuse.  This is a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

save filch and mrs norris from fire crab

After the fire crab is calmed down Amos will scare off Filch and sends you to the Training Grounds.

Hagrid is waiting at the Training Grounds where Crups have completely taken over the field.  In order to control them you will have to find their leader.

cute crups all over training grounds hogwarts mystery

This is an 8 hour activity which requires only 1 star to complete.

After finding the crup leader Hagrid should have a handle on the situation.  He sends you over to the Great Hall with an ominous warning of something big happening there.

It appears that the Great Hall is infested with Bowtruckles.  Gather them in a 1 hour mission that requires all 5 stars to complete.

Dumbledore shows up at the end and asks who is responsible for letting the Magical Creatures loose on Hogwarts.  Answer however you see fit, you’ll be rewarded with some house points regardless.  Dumbledore will proceed to remove the rest of the bowtruckles and send you to collect ingredients for Madam Pomfrey in the case of injuries.

This concludes Part 2 of the Magical Creatures Everywhere adventure, you will be rewarded with 200 gold.

Part 3

Part 3 begins with a trip back to Potions Class where you will request the medical supplies from Professor Snape.

You will have to attend class before Snape will deliver the supplies.  This is a 1 hour activity that requires all 5 stars.

Snape is hesitant to give too many of his potions supplies away, but he can be convinced to give up a little extra with some dialogue.  After speaking with him you will head back to Madam Pomfrey with the supplies.

Upon reaching the Hospital Wing you will find Pomfrey tending to some injured students.  Professor Kettleburn was also injured and she asks you to tend to him.


This starts a 3 hour activity which requires 1 star to complete.

After Kettleburn has recovered he will ask if a Streeler or Hippogriff should be captured next.  Doesn’t matter what you pick, you will go after the Streeler regardless.  Apparently the Hippogriff caused Kettleburn’s injury and flew away.

Next up Rowan calls you to your common room to deal with a slimy problem.

streeler in slytherin common room

It appears the Streeler has invaded your common room, likely the prank Merula was talking about earlier.

Keep the Streeler busy in a 3 hour activity that requires 5 stars to complete while Rowan fetches some dragon hide gloves to remove it.

You will have to wait 4 hours after this to meet with Merula who apparently has something huge to show you.

It appears Merula has managed to greatly increase the size of a niffler.  She plans to have it destroy parts of Hogwarts Castle and somehow place the blame on you and your friends.

Duel Merula in order to shrink the Niffler back down to size.  She will have 22 to all attributes and the duel will cost 300 gold per attempt.

shrink merula's niffler before it destroys hogwarts

After you defeat Merula cast Reducio on the Niffler.  Merula will threaten you to not tell Dumbledore what happened.  This ends Chapter 3, 10 gems are rewarded for completion.

Part 4

Meet Amos Diggory in the Hogwarts Courtyard to being Part 4 of the Magical Creatures Everywhere adventure.

amos diggory murtlap question

Some murtlaps have gotten loose and Amos needs your help recapturing them.  However he will first ask a question on Murtlaps:

I’m sure you understand why this situation is more dangerous than it seems….
Their bite is harmful is the correct.

Choose the correct answer to get 5 house points.  Then complete a 1 hour activity that requires 1 star.

After the Murtlaps are dealt with you will be sent over to the Training Grounds to help Madam Hooch.

Even more Bowtruckles have settled on brooms in the Training Grounds.  Help Hooch collect all of them.  This is a 8 hour mission which requires all 5 stars.  Make sure you’re prepared to finish this one, don’t forget to check back.

capture bowtruckles on the quidditch pitch

Madam Hooch will then ask you what Bowtruckles eat.  Tell her they eat insects for 5 house points.

Hagrid is waiting in the Great Hall, go see what he needs.  Amos, Kettleburn, and Hagrid are ready to capture the Hippogriff and they need your help.  But first you must learn about hippogriffs in a 3 hour mission that requires 5 stars to complete.

Now that you know everything there is to know about hippogriffs it’s time to capture one…

hogwarts mystery tame a hippogriff

Calm the creature down in an 8 hour mission that requires all 5 stars.  This should be the last activity in the event.  Good luck.

After completing the activity the hippogriff will give you a short ride around the training grounds.  And that concludes the Magical Creatures Everywhere event.  You will be rewarded with a red notebook and some experience.

hogwarts mystery hippogriff flight