Liz Tuttle Friendship Guide

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Liz Tuttle is a female Slytherin student in the same year as the player character in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.  She is first encountered in Third Year through an encounter with Penny Haywood.  In Fourth Year she is seen in the same Care of Magical Creatures class as the player character.  However she does not become a friend until Fifth Year.  Liz is nicknamed “Lizard” and absolutely loves magical creatures, she hopes to one day become a famous magizoologist like Newt Scamander.

Upon becoming friends you will be able to share a meal in the Great Hall, drink butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, and play Gobstones in the Hogwarts Courtyard.  Each activity is a series of four questions which will reward up to three diamonds that translate into experience for Liz’s friendship level.  The experience required and reward for each level are as follows:

2: 640 experience, 5 gem reward
3: 1200 experience, 5 gem reward

Finally we will go over the answers to each question Liz Tuttle can potentially ask during the activities you complete with her.  Answers in green are worth 10 points while answers in yellow are worth 5.  You will get additional bonus points if your attribute levels are higher than Badeea’s.  Generally the green (10 point) answer should always be selected.

Meal With a Friend

Tell Liz about your fourth year at Hogwarts to pass this activity:

What plants did you study?

What cool spells did you learn?

Where did you sneak into?
The Forbidden Forest.

What new friends did you make?
Charlie Weasley.

What cool potions did you learn?
Beautification Potion.

What guarded the Cursed Vault?
An Acromantula.

What was inside the vault?
A tiny sweater.
A dragon portrait.

Play Gobstones

Distract Liz to win at Gobstones!

Let’s play, (Character Name)
Let’s protect creatures instead.
Let’s talk to Kettleburn instead.

Wait until you see this next move…
You should see my pet Kneazle.
How does a Streeler move?

I’d better concentrate…
But what about Hippogriffs?!
But what about animagi?!

You might beat me…
I might be a Mountain Troll.

Don’t try to distract me…
Is that a Unicorn?!

How do you like Gobstones?
It’s cooler than creatures.
It’s cooler than Hagrid.

Let’s join the Gobstones Club.
Let’s protest creature cruelty.
Let’s search for creatures.

Drink Butterbeer

Prove how well you know Liz!

Where did we meet?
The Corridor.

What do I love most?

What’s my surname?

What’s my nickname?

Who’s my head of house?
Professor Snape.

What ingredients did I give you?
Bicorn Horn.
Boomslang Skin.

Who first told you about me?
Penny Haywood.