Hogwarts Mystery Fun in the Sun Event Live!

Fun in the Sun Event Guide

The Fun in the Sun event is now live!  You’ll have 9 days to earn 95 crests to get the full outfit.

fun in the sun event hogwarts mystery

Male and Female characters will each get a unique outfit.  You must get full stars in a class to earn crests for the event.  Check out our class guide for tips and strategy!  Rewards are as follows:

15 crests – 1000 gold
30 crests – 30 energy
55 crests – beach themed outfit
75 crests – 20 gems
95 crests – hat for females and sunglasses for males

It may seem like 95 stars is a lot, but it’s actually not that difficult to finish these events.  The fastest way is to spam 1 hour classes as they require the lowest amount of energy per star, but most people won’t have the time or desire to play that often.  If you simply queue up an 8 hour class then take a couple minutes every 2-3 hours to spend your energy you should have no problem finishing this event.  Just make sure you don’t forget and let a class expire as you will only earn event crests if the class if fully completed (all bonus stars must be earned).