Hogwarts Mystery Free Energy Locations

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Energy is used to complete classes and most quests in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.  You will earn 1 point of energy every 4 minutes by default, however your energy is capped so you will not be able to accumulate energy indefinitely.  Additionally there are many locations which will periodically give you free bonus energy.  They can be clicked every 4-8 hours.

East Towers

1) Picture Frame – Directly behind the spot you load in, before the Charms Classroom.  The picture frame will be blank if energy is available.

Picture frame in East Towers for free energy
Peeves location in the East Towers

2) Peeves – Just to the left of the Divination Classroom ladder, past the Astronomy Tower.  Click on Peeves to make him disappear.

West Towers

West Towers free energy painting location

3) Painting – Past the Gryffindor House common room, just before the Prefects’ Bathroom.  Click for some oranges to appear in the painting.

Lower Floor – West

4) Wall Torch – Just right of the Great Hall, click on the torch to light it.
5) Knight – Just past the Great hall there will be 3 Suits of armour , the one in the middle will reward bonus energy when clicked.

Lower Floor West free energy locations in Hogwarts Mystery


6) House Elf – Located just outside the kitchens hallway.  Click the elf to send it back to work.

Screenshot of the dungeons free energy location

Castle Grounds

7) Stick – To the right of the Whomping Willow there is a stick on the ground, a dog will run off with it when clicked.

hogwarts mystery castle grounds stick free energy location

Lower Floor – East

8) Books – There is a messy pile of books to the right of the library on the bench.  Click them to organize into a tidy stack.

Lower Floor - East free energy location is a pile of books in Hogwarts Mystery


9) Student – He is down the alley between Three Broomsticks and Honeydukes.  Click him and he will slide down the alley.

Hogsmeade secret free energy location

Forbidden Forest

10) Spider Web – Located just in front of the Spider’s Lair.  It will disappear briefly when clicked, but quickly reappear.  There is still a cool-down period before it can be clicked again.

Forbidden Forest Hogwarts Mystery secret energy spider web
After clicking the spider web it will reappear almost immediately, unfortunately you will not be able to click it again for a couple hours.

Diagon Alley

11) Sack of Coins – Located just in front of Gringotts bank.

diagon alley free energy location.

Quidditch Stadium

12) Golden Snitch – Just before the entrance to the Quidditch Pitch.

golden snitch quidditch pitch location

That’s 12 locations for 12 points of free energy!

Pet Energy

Additionally you are able to purchase 4 pets which will also reward energy periodically.  Unfortunately they can only be purchased with gems… these are a good option to purchase with your end of year gem reward.  Your currently selected pet will be carried by your character or follow closely behind.  All pets are also located in your dormitory which is accessed through your House Common Room.  Current pets are:

  1. Owl – 320 gems
  2. Cat – 215 gems
  3. Toad – 160 gems
  4. Mouse – 160 gems
  5. Streeler – 50 notebooks
  6. Crup – 50 notebooks
  7. Kneazle – 60 notebooks
  8. Kneazle Kitten – 120 notebooks
  9. Crup Puppy – 120 notebooks
  10. Baby Acromantula – event reward
  11. Bat – event reward
  12. Puffskein – 80 notebooks

That’s a total of 12 potential points of bonus energy from pets!

slytherin house dormitory in Hogwarts Mystery
This is the location of Slytherin House, you will have to tap your respective Common Room to access your Dormitory.
Slytherin dormitory in Hogwarts Mystery
The owl, toad, and mouse are clearly visible here. The cat is located to the left on a chair. I believe all house dormitory’s have a similar layout.