Christmas Holidays Side Quest Adventure Guide

The Christmas Holidays adventure side quest is now available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.  Our guide will cover each step of the 4 part quest line so you can easily receive all the rewards.  

Christmas Holidays Adventure Guide

Being the quest by meeting your friends in the Great Hall.  Oddly enough your friends and Merula appear to be the only students staying at Hogwarts over the winter Christmas Holidays.

Christmas Holidays Part 1

christmas holidays adventure with friends

Each of them has some excuse for not returning home.  Listen to everyone’s plans for the holidays in a 1 hour activity which requires only 1 star to complete.

Penny loves her family, but being home reminds her of her murdered friend Scarlett.
Bill and Charlie are unable to head home as Fred and George managed to wreck the Burrow rendering it unsafe for the Weasley children to return home.
Tonks is hoping to get into some kinds of trouble over break as she’s never stayed at Hogwarts over the holidays before.
Rowan doesn’t want to leave Hogwarts after spending their whole life waiting to get there.
Merula isn’t interested in talking to you.

Your friends want to cheer you up since you miss your brother and appear depressed.

Tonks takes the first crack at this and invites you to the training grounds to learn a cool new spell…

You will learn to Bewitch Snowballs in a 3 hour activity which requires 5 stars to complete.

bewitch snowballs with tonks in hogwarts mystery

New meet Penny in the Corridor to help make some egg-nog.

Learn her Mother’s secret recipe in a 3 hour activity which requires only 1 star to complete.

brew egg-nog with penny haywood

After enjoying some delicious egg-nog head over to Rowan in your Common Room.  She has heard about a Yeti that is said to make an appearance at Hogwarts during the Christmas break.  This ends part 1 and you will be rewarded with 100 gold.

Christmas Holidays Part 2

Begin Part 2 by meeting with Rita Skeeter to find out what she knows about the Yeti.  She will ask for some information in return: give her something harmless or lie to her, she will tell you what she knows regardless.

Rita was relatively unhelpful so go visit Hogwarts’ resident creature expert, Hagrid.

Unfortunately Hagrid seems to have lost Fang, but he will tell you everything he knows about Yetis in a 1 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

Next visit Professor Kettleburn who was apparently heavily involved with the Yeti at one point.  He will tell you everything in a 3 hour activity which requires only 1 star to complete.

professor kettleburn explains about yetis.

The Yeti was brought from Tibet for students to study.
Kettleburn is not certain of the Yeti is still near Hogwarts.
He wishes he had a better plan to contain the Yeti before it escaped.
Thankfully it hasn’t hurt anyone yet.
It’s over 15 feet tall.

Rowan decides that Yeti’s like open spaces and the best place to search would be in the Training Grounds.  Fang will arrive as you show up and just as you’re about to take Fang back to Hagrid the Yeti attacks…

You must beat the Yeti in a duel.  He has 6-8 stats and should be an easy fight for most characters.

duel against yetis in hogwarts mystery

After defeating the Yeti you have the option to stun him and Rowan will then return it to Professor Kettleburn.  This completes Part 2 and 5 gems will be rewarded.

Christmas Holidays Part 3

Meet up with your friends in the Great Hall again.  They are all very impressed that you managed to defeat a Yeti single handedly.

Come up with some new ideas for Christmas fun in a 1 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

Everyone decides to get gifts for each other.  You can choose Penny, Tonks, or Merula.

Peeves calls you to the Artefact room as he claims to have a perfect gift for your friend.  Of course he hid the gift, so you will have to find it in a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars.  

Turns out the gift is a raw steak… better look elsewhere for a gift.

Meet up with Rowan to find a perfect gift for your chosen friend.  This activity will change based on your selection.  If you chose Penny you will head to Potions Class to take some rare ingredients.   This is a 3 hour activity which requires only 1 star to complete.

Now that you have your gift head back to the great hall and open presents!  This is an 8 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

Christmas Holidays Part 4

You find out Arthur and Molly Weasley are coming to Hogwarts to visit their boys.  Bill and Charlie want to get them presents.

Start out by heading to the Artefact room to find a Muggle Artefact for Arthur in a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars.

The search reveals a toaster.. perfect.

Next find something for Molly.  Rowan has an idea for some enchanted wool she’s seen around the Common Room.  Find it in a 1 hour activity which requires all 5 stars.

hogwarts mystery molly weasley christmas gift

Rowan asks what you would like to do for Mr and Mrs Weasley.  Choose any response as they all lead to the next step…

Meet Merula in the Courtyard.   She has been alone during the entire Holidays and you hope to invite her to your party.  However Merula needs to cast the Snowflake-Making spell which has been a holiday tradition with her family.  Learn the spell in  a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

Cast the spell to Merula’s surprise and invite her to Christmas dinner.  Unfortunately she will not accept.

learn snowflake charm from merula

From here you will be forced to wait 4 hours for the Weasleys to arrive.

After waiting head to the Great Hall and give your presents to the elder Weasleys.  They’re much appreciative .  Now you’re free to take part in the feast… this is an 8 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

meet molly and arthur weasley in hogwarts mystery

Merula decides to show up and you cast the Snowflake-Making spell for the group.  The Weasleys give you a new cosmetic winter outfit and that ends th4e Christmas Holidays event.