Hogwarts Mystery Charms Class Guide

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Charms Class is taught by Professor Filius Flitwick and will reward up to 100 empathy attribute points in addition to random rewards of gold, gems, energy, or even more attributes.  This Hogwarts Mystery Charms class guide will cover every question that may be asked during your lessons.  Check out our general Hogwarts Mystery Class Guide for more information and strategies.

As you progress through Charms Class you will be tasked with completing one of three random mini-games: tracing a shape with your finger, stopping an expanding circle within a specific location, or answering a question from a teacher or fellow student.  We will go over each and every potential question you may be asked during Charms Class.  Questions will have 3 multiple choice selections with 1 correct answer, answers below will be listed in green.

Charms Class Questions

What spellbook contains the Leg-Locker Curse?
Curses and Counter-Curses

What is the incantation for the shield charm?

Arresto Momentum was originally developed for what purpose?
Slowing a Falling Quaffle

If one wished to increase the effect of the Bombarda spell, which incantation would you use?
Bombarda Maxima

Which spell has the opposite effect of Lumos?

What is the primary use of the charm Scourgify?

Which spell is effective against Dementors?
Expecto Patronum

What does the Vermilious spell make appear from the tip of one’s wand?
Red Sparks

Who would make the best use of the charm Alohomora?
A Thief

Who invented the Cheering Charm?
Felix Summerbee

Which of these spells is most similar to Flipendo, the Knockback Jinx?

Reducio is a charm that can be used to shrink what?
Both (Humans and Objects)

In which of these scenarios would you use Cistem Aperio?
Blasting Open a Locked Trunk

Which of these is not a cleaning spell?

What is the effect of the Stupefy Spell?
Stun you

What does the charm Lumos provide?

What does the spell Fumos do?
Create Smoke

If you cast Engorgio on someone’s mouth, their teeth would be what?

What kind of spell Flipendo?

Why would you cast Alohomora? To…
Unlock a door

What is the Counter-Charm to Colloportus?

Colovaria is also known as what?
Colour Change Charm

What does Colovaria do?
Changes something’s colour

Which of these spells keeps a charm stable?
Fianto Duri

The Muffliato Charm fills its targets’ ears with what?
Unidentifiable Buzzing

In which of these scenarios would you use the Muffliato Charm?
Preventing Eavesdropping

General Questions

While it may be possible that any question can be asked in each class, we’ll only list the ones we have encountered.  For a full list of general class questions view our Hogwarts Mystery Class Guide

Who is the flying instructor?
Madam Hooch

Who is the Potions professor?
Severus Snape

Who is the Astronomy professor?
Professor Sinistra

Who is the Gamekeeper of Hogwarts?
Rubeus Hagrid

Who is the Caretaker of Hogwarts?

Where is Hogwarts located?

What item in the Headmaster’s Office allows you to review bottled memories?
The Pensieve

How many students sleep in each Hogwarts dormitory?

Charms O.W.L. Questions

The Vermillious charm produces what colour sparks?

In which scenario would you use Cistem Aperio?
To Open a Chest

What is the incantation for the Exploding Charm?

Who invented the Cheering Charm?
Felix Summerbee