Call to Knighthood Adventure

The Call to Knighthood adventure quest has just become available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.  Complete Sir Cadogan’s trials to become a full fledged knight and be reward with a cosmetic outfit befitting your station.

Call to Knighthood Adventure

Part 1

Being the Call to Knighthood adventure by reporting to the portrait of Sir Cadogan in the Grand Staircase located in Hogwart’s Lower Floor – West.  Rowan, Tonks, and Tulip will be hanging around the staircase before you get there.

As you approach Sir Cadogan your character will notice Beatrice Haywood trapped in the portrait next-door and appear visibly upset.  Perhaps we will finally get some answers to break the curse and free Beatrice.  Fortunately Sir Cadogan seems to have some ideas which may help out.  Talk to him and choose whether you would like to train to become a knight.

become a knight in hogwarts mystery

Of course there will be a series of trails you must pass before you attain knighthood.  Learn about them in a 1 hour activity that requires just 1 star to complete.

Next choose a traveling companion to discover the “Land of Magical Creatures”.  Considering your quest involves saving Beatrice, Penny Haywood is the logical choice.  Unfortunately you will have to convince her first.  Do this by answering the following questions, as always green answers are worth 10 points while yellow are worth 5:

Penny will have 20 courage, 20 empathy, and 21 knowledge attributes.  This should be easy for any year 5 character to complete.    

Why should we trust a portrait?
He wants to help save Beatrice.
Sir Cadogan is a knight.

But we all know he’s quite odd..
Rather, he’s insanely brave.
Perhaps.  Let’s take our chances.

Why not bring someone else?
It could help your sister.
I’d rather go with you.

We don’t have enough details.
We’ll find more details together.
Mysteries can be exciting.

This may not help Beatrice.
We must try if we want to find out.
It will help me become a knight.

After convincing Penny go with her to Professor Kettleburn.  Apparently the Land of Magical Creatures is just the Care of Magical Creatures classroom and your first knightly trial is clean up duty.  This is a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

land of magical creatures in hogwarts mystery

Now head back to Sir Cadogan’s portrait for the second knightly trial.  However you will first question him on the authenticity of said trials.  This is a 3 hour activity which requires only 1 star to complete.

This end part 1, you will be rewarded with gold.

Part 2

Meet Rowan in the library to help look for a magical scroll as part of your second trial.  Search for books about the Knights of the Round Table in a 1 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

hunt for a magical scroll with rowan

After having no luck finding the magical scroll, ask Madam Pince for some help.  She remarks that you are the first Sir Cadogan has chosen for knighthood in a long time and gives you the scroll along with some house points.

Complete the second trial by heading over the charms class with Barnaby and reading the scroll.  Apparently it’s full of crazy gibberish.  Professor Flitwick shows up and points to some directions on the scroll which read ‘Heavy is the pony that carries a portly knight.’   Thus you will need to complete the Heavy Lifting Trial with Barnaby which involves moving stuff around the Charms classroom for Flitwick.  This is a 3 hour activity which requires 5 stars to complete.

Professor Snape shows up just after and claims Sir Cadogan volunteered you to collect Knotgrass for him.

Next up is the third knightly trial.  Meet up with Andre Egwu in the Forbidden Forest and find some Knotgrass for Snape.  This is a 3 hour activity which requires 5 stars to complete.

find knotgrass knightly trial hogwarts mystery

Andre is led to believe that these knightly trials are a conspiracy between the teachers and Sir Cadogan to get you to do their chores.  Ask Hagrid if he knows anything about this.  Of course, Hagrid will need you to help clean his hut before he gives you any information.  This is a 3 hour activity which requires only 1 star to complete.

Finish that up and Hagrid will assure you there’s no conspiracy going on.  And gives you some advice to confront Sir Cadogan for answers.

This completes Part 2 of the Call to Knighthood adventure.

Part 3

Begin by taking some friends to confront Sir Cadogan and demand answers.  Choose flattery or an intimidating response.  Regardless this will result in a 3 hour activity that requires all 5 stars for completion.

knightly trials in hogwarts mystery

Apparently there are three more knightly trials to go… Penny is encouraged and wants to see them through if there is any chance to save her sister.  Sir Cadogan then sends you to the kitchen to ‘dine in abundance’ like the Knights of the Round Table then defeat Ben Copper in a duel.  Unfortunately your friends will have to stay with Sir Cadogan.

Meet Rowan in the Kitchens to start the fourth trial.  Jae is serving detention there already and will help you find some authentic medieval food.  This is a 3 hour activity which requires only 1 star to complete.

knightly feast with jae kim

After you and your friends feast in the kitchens you remember you were supposed to duel Ben.  Looks like it might be tough on a full stomach..   Oh well.  Head over to the Great Hall and duel Ben.  First you will have to convince Ben to duel, so answer the following questions correctly.

Why was I chosen for your duel?
Sir Cadogan believes in you. 
It makes no sense to me either. 

I’m terrified of cursed portraits.
Not all portraits are cursed. 
You can help me break the curse.

Could this put me in danger?
We’ll get through this together.
I’ll keep you out of danger. 

I can’t win.  Why even try?
You’d be helping me. 
This duel has a higher purpose. 

Will I be trapped in a portrait?
The odds are low.  I’ll protect you. 
Perhaps, just focus on the duel. 

After convincing Ben, meet him in the Hogwarts Courtyard for your showdown.  He will ask if he should try his hardest, or make it easy for you.  Either way you will face Ben in a duel, he has 20 courage, 21 empathy, and 21 knowledge.  Defeat him to complete the 5th trial.

This completes Part 3 and 5 gems shall be rewarded.

Part 4

Start off by heading over to Sir Cadogan.  He will give you instructions for the last trial in a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

You last trial will involve fighting the Ice Knight again.  It has been resurrected by Madam Rakepick in order to provide her students with a challenge.

Meet with Bill Weasley for some help which results in practicing some spells in a 3 hour mission which requires all 5 stars to complete.

Upon completion Bill will agree to travel to the Ice Vaults to fight the resurrected Ice Knight.  Although you will first have to show him you remember how to cast incendio.

Met up with bill in the Corridor and head towards the Ice Vault.  Cast Incendio on the door and see what you’re up against… Cast another Incendio when the Ice Knight comes out of the vault.  Then engage him in a duel.  He will have 20 courage, 21 empathy, and 21 knowledge and it will cost 250 gold to start.  Duels always have some randomness to them, but this should be an easy fight for a 5th year student.

face the resurrected ice knight

After defeating the Ice Knight you will come to the realization that you couldn’t have faced the knightly trials without your friends.  Head back to Sir Cadogan to see if you are now worthy of knighthood.  First you will have to review your performance during the trials.  This involves an 8 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

This completes the Call to Knighthood adventure.  You will be rewarded with your own suit of armor in reward.