Bill Weasley Friendship Guide


Who is Bill Weasley?

Bill Weasley is a Gryffindor who is two years older than the main character and brother to Charlie Weasley.  He becomes a prefect in his  fifth year and is considered one of the most powerful students in the school.  His skills at curse breaking make him a natural ally and friend of the main character.  You will become friends with Bill Weasley in year 2. He becomes Head Boy in his 7th year (your character’s 5th).

Upon becoming friends you will be able to share a meal in the Great Hall, drink butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, and play Gobstones in the Courtyard.  Each activity is a series of four questions which will reward up to three diamonds that translate into experience for Bill’s friendship level.  The experience required and reward for each level are as follows:

2 – 40 experience, 5 gem reward
3 – 70 experience, 5 gem reward
4 – 80 experience, 5 energy reward
5 – 100 experience, 5 energy reward
6 – 100 experience, 10 energy reward
7 – 120 experience, 10 energy reward
8 – 240 experience, 15 energy reward
9 – 280 experience. 15 energy reward
10- 480 experience, special Weasley sweater knitted by Mrs. Weasley

Screenshot of Bill Weasley friendship reward sweater

Now we will go over the answers to every question Bill Weasley can potentially ask during the activities you complete with him.  Answers in green are worth 10 points while answers in yellow are worth 5.  Some questions will have two 10 point answers.  You should always pick a green (10 point) answer.

Meal with a Friend

Bill has two categories of questions during your meal together.  He will either ask about your first year or give you a Gryffindor quiz.

Describe your first year at Hogwarts

Who was your first friend here?

Who was your first enemy?

Where did you duel Merula?
The Clocktower Courtyard

Where’d you go in Diagon Alley?
Flourish and Blotts

How did you find the cursed ice?
I followed Snape and Filch

How did you evade Mrs. Norris?
With Sleeping Draught

Who gave you House Points?

Bill Weasley’s Gryffindor Quiz

Who is our Head of House?
Professor McGonagall

What do you associate with us?

What’s on our house crest?
A lion

Who was our founder?
Godric Gryffindor

Who’s a famous Gryffindor?
James Potter
Sirius Black

Where’s our common room?
Gryffindor Tower

Who’s our House Ghost?
Nearly Headless Nick

Play Gobstones

Bill plays worse when he’s distracted, choose the answers which will distract him the most.

Let’s play, (Character Name)!
Let’s find the Cursed Vaults
Let’s study for exams

How do you like Gobstones?
Let’s talk about your siblings
Let’s talk about your marks

My brother taught me this move.
He must be better than you
My brother is missing

You might be better than me…
I’m a better Curse-Breaker too
I’m a secret Weasley

Wait until you see this move…
I’m a werewolf
I’m not interested

Drink Butterbeer

Prove how well you know Bill by answering his questions.

What’s my surname?

Who’s my Head of House?
Professor McGonagall

Where does my dad work?
Ministry of Magic

How many siblings do I have?

What’s my goal?
To become a Curse Breaker

Where did we meet?
The Training Grounds

Where do I live?
The Burrow
Ottery St Catchpole

Additional Quests

In Year 4 you will have the opportunity to convince Bill to join you in exploring the Forbidden Forest.  He will ask you the following series of questions:

Why do you want me to go?
You’re a natural Curse-Breaker
You have the most experience

What if we get caught?
We wont’ get caught
I’ll take the blame

What would Rakepick think?
She’d want us breaking curses
She’d want us taking risks

I’m just not sure about this…
You, Charlie, and I can do this.
We have to break this curse

The forest is dangerous…
That’s why we need you with us.
It’s good practice for your career