Year 5 Chapter 25 Hogwarts Mystery

Year 5 Chapter 25 focuses on your search for a suitable Magical Creature to cause havoc throughout Hogwarts. Join up with Liz Tuttle in Care of Magical Creatures for help!

hogwarts mystery year 5 chapter 25 quests

You will also learn the Muffliato spell in Charms class and brew and Erumpent Potion with Professor Snape.
The Muffliato and Erumpent Potion lessons both require 9 stars to unlock in their respective classes. So finish up some Potions and Charms lessons!

Charms Class

Some new questions that may come up in Charms Classs:

Which of these spells keeps a charm stable?
Fianto Duri

The Muffliato Charm fills its targets’ ears with what?
Unidentifiable Buzzing

In which of these scenarios would you use the Muffliato Charm?
Preventing Eavesdropping

Potions Class

The new questions which may be available in Potions Class upon completing the Erumpent Potion lesson.