Year 5 Chapter 23 Now Available

Year 5 Chapter 23 is now available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.  Continue your search for the Cursed Vault and take some new magic lessons.

Year 5 Chapter 23

year 5 chapter 23 guide

Year 5 Chapter 23 involves creating a new spell with Badea Ali that will be used to open the Cursed Vaults.  There are also lessons on the Pack Charm and Chinese Chomping Cabbage.

Pack Charm Class

The Pack Charm is what type of charm?
Household Charm

What does ‘Meteolojinx Recanto’ do?
Dispel weather charm

Chomping Cabbage Class

Which plant’s pus clears up acne?

What’s my (Tonks) favorite band?
The Weird Sisters