Updates to Magizoology Guide

Quite a few magical creatures have been added to the Hogwarts Mystery Magical Creature Reserve since we’ve last updated. We’ll go over all of the new pets available to adopt!

New Creatures for the Magizoology Guide

Forest Zone


A common pest found in wizarding gardens

gnome magical creature reserve adoption


Part horse, part eagle, immensely proud and dangerous

magical creature reserve hippogriff adopt option

Dark Forest Zone


A white, horned horse that possesses magical properties.

magical creature reserve dark forest unicorn adopt option

Lake Zone


A spherical, mottled fish that Merpeople consider a pest.

adopt plimpy at the magical creature reserve


An aggressive, pale-green water demon.

adopt this grindylow at the hogwarts mystery lake


A rat-like creature whose preferred prey is crustaceans.

adopt murtlap at the magical creature reserve

Rock Mountain Zone


An eagle-lion hybrid often used by wizards to guard treasure.

adopt this griffin at the magical creature reserve

Get to farming those notebooks and adopt all the new pets in the Magical Creature Reserve! Check out our magizoology guide for more information!