Prefect Quest Now Available

Finally players will have the ability to become a prefect in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery!  Follow a 4 part quest chain to receive your shiny new prefect badge!

Prefect Quest Guide

The first screenshots of the prefect quest showed a 5 day quest chain, the one I received had only 3 days to complete.  The 5 day quest may be from a beta build, or perhaps there are multiple random quest chains to become a prefect.

You have 3 days to complete the entire series of quests.  It is extremely easy to complete on time without any real money purchases, I still had over a day left when I completed it.  My character is in Slytherin, so Snape will likely be substituted with your Head of House and the quests may be done in a different order.

Part 1

Go to Transfiguration Class:
You are told that you will need to impress your teachers in order to become a prefect.  Just complete the class like normal, you actually only need to finish 1 star to advance.  It’s a 3 hour class with 5 potential stars.

Study with Tulip
Tulip will offer to help you study.  This is a 1 hour activity with 5 stars required to complete.  At 5 energy per star it shouldn’t be an issue for 4th year students.

Attend Charms Class:
Now you will have to impress Profess Flitwick.  This is another 3 hour, 5 potential star class.  You will only need to complete 1 star to advance.

Study with Charlie:
Now Charlie will ask to study together as he is also trying to become a Prefect.  This is another 1 hour class with 5 stars required to complete.

Part 2

Talk to your Head of House:
You are told that becoming a prefect means enforcing the rules at Hogwarts even if it hurts your own House.  You are then sent to the courtyard…

Enforce the Rules:
This is a 3 hour activity which requires 5 stars to complete.  After finishing you will encounter some misbehaving younger students from your house.  There will be an option to punish them or let it slide, I chose to punish the students and was complimented by Snape.  I doubt either option will have an effect on becoming a prefect though.

Talk to Snape (Head of House):
Your Head of House will comment on your performance thus far and send you to learn from a current prefect.  Your friend Bill Weasley is the natural choice.

Meet with Bill:
This is a 3 hour activity with 5 stars required to complete.  At 10 energy per star, you will not be able to finish this in 1 go.  Make sure you come back before the quest expires (within 3 hours) or you will have to restart!

Part 3

Talk to your Head of House
Again you are told that you are a front runner for the Prefect position.  You will have to continue to exhibit academic excellence!  Which just means showing up to your next couple of classes…

As with the previous classes, this one is 3 hours in length with a 1 star requirement to complete.  If you’re worried about time it might be smart to only complete 1 star here and let your energy regenerate for the next activity.

Talk to Tonks:
Tonks doesn’t offer any quests.. she just wants to talk at the candy shop.  Hopefully you’ll let it slide when she’s out breaking the rules next year.

Study with Penny (or Rowan):
Penny wants nothing more than to help you study for Potions, but she mentions that Rowan might be upset that you’re both competing for prefect.  You will have to option to ignore Rowan and study with Penny, or go to see Rowan.  I chose to see rowan and they were very supportive.  Either way it’s an 8 hour activity with 5 stars required for completion.

Part 4

You’re in the home stretch!  This is the last part of the quest chain.

Help a First Year
An important role tasked to Prefects is mentoring younger students.  You will help a confused first year student understand the Hogwarts school rules.  This is a 3 hour mission with 5 required stars.

Talk to your Head of House
You will be given 10 house points for helping the first year student and it is revealed that the situation was a test set up by your head of house.

Learn from Filch…
Filch will try to teach you the proper way to punish students.  This is a 3 hour activity with 5 stars required to complete.

Talk to Dumbledore:
Of course you will have to wait for Dumbledore, this is an 8 hour quest with 5 stars required to complete.  Dumbledore will compliment your patience and imply the wait was a final test of your character.  After a short converation you will be given the prefect title for your 5th year!

The prefect badge is available only on your school robes (no other cosmetic clothing will display the badge).  However you will see it even if you’re still currently in year 4.