New Full Marks Event

There is a new type of event available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery titled Full Marks.  Complete various objectives in order to collect points.. finish a pattern to earn even more bonus points!

hogwarts mystery full marks event objectives

Complete the objectives to earn points.  If objectives are completed to match the pattern on the left students will gain a large number of bonus points. A fresh new objective board will be rewarded after completing a bonus pattern.  Alternatively players can simply complete all the objectives on the board, but this is not recommended. Objectives can range from looting secret free energy to earning full stars in classes.

There is a leaderboard where players will be rewarded based on their ranking, earn points to improve your rank.  Rewards are as follows:

First Place receives a special cosmetic outfit.

hogwarts mystery full marks event

3rd and up receive 3 Blue Notebooks
6th and up receive 7 Red Notebooks
14th and up receive 3 Red Notebooks
25th and up receive 2 Regular Notebooks

You also have the option to boost your reward multiplier for Gems.