New Cosmetic Shirts and Pants Available for Gems

In addition to the new cosmetic clothing items listed in our previous post, Jam City has also released a handful of new cosmetic options for real money gems.

Cash Shop Cosmetic Shirts and Jackets

These cosmetic clothing items are available exclusively on the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery real money gem store. First we’ll cover tops, bottoms will be shown in the following section.

new cosmetic multi color hogwarts mystery jacket

This is a multi-color jacket available for 100 gems. It will reward 125 courage attribute points upon purchase. Each piece of cosmetic clothing will reward points to a specific attribute.

These large yellow coats are available in for 150 gems each. One coat is bright yellow and rewards 185 empathy while the other is dark yellow and grants 185 courage attribute.

These 3 coats are available 100 gems each. The tan coat with gray sweater and the dark blue coat with orange sweater both reward 125 courage. The dark brown and orange coat rewards 125 empathy attribute.

blue winter themed hogwarts mystery jacket

A blue winter themed cosmetic clothing item in Hogwarts Mystery. This coat is available for 200 gems and will reward 250 knowledge attribute.

These three leather biker jackets are each available for 100 gems in the Hogwarts Mystery gem store. The purple undershirt rewards 125 empathy, red shirt rewards 125 courage, and orange will grant 125 knowledge.

Now we will go over cosmetic bottom pieces available in Hogwarts Mystery for gems. Be sure to check out our list of new cosmetic items available for coins!

Cash Shop Cosmetic Pants and Skirts

blue plaid skirt with stockings in hogwarts mystery

A blue plaid skirt with black stockings is available in the Hogwarts Mystery store. It costs 150 gems and also comes in orange and yellow varieties. The blue skirt will reward 185 courage, orange gives empathy, and yellow will net you some knowledge attribute.

screenshot of some leater scaled rock band style pants

These are black leather scaled pants which look like something a rock band member would wear. Get your very own for a mere 100 gems in the Hogwarts Mystery cash shop.

These pants reward 125 knowledge. It also comes in brown and tan varieties.

We’ll update when more cosmetic items are added to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery!