Hogwarts Mystery Year 5 Chapter 22 and Lucky Sweater Event

Players are now able to continue their plans to coerce Peeves into helping in Year 5 Chapter 22 of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.  There is also a St. Patrick’s day event available. 

Year 5 Chapter 22

Begin Year 5 Chapter 22 by meeting with Duncan, the only ghost who can potentially convince Peeves to help.  There are also new lessons in Potions Class and Defense Against the Dark Arts which will reward 5 gems each upon completion.

hogwarts mystery year 5 chapter 22 activities

There are no new questions for the Wit-Sharpening Potion lesson.

Vipera Evanesca Lesson

Vipera Evanesca is used to vaporize what kind of creature?

Miscellaneous New Questions

I’ve also discovered a couple new questions over the course of this chapter.

Which Quidditch team is last in the league?
Chudley Cannons

What spell transforms an object into a portkey?

Ones Defense Against the Dark Arts must be what?

What happened during the Quidditch World Cup of 1473?
Players committed all the fouls

What color is Hagrid’s umbrella?

Which creature’s hair is often woven into Invisibility Cloaks?

Lucky Sweater Event

The Lucky Sweater Event lasts nearly 1 week and requires 125 stars for full rewards.  A animated cosmetic St. Patrick’s themed Sweater is available at 100 stars.  Full rewards are as follows:

hogwarts mystery lucky sweater event

Number   Stars Required    Reward
1 6 stars 4 red notebooks
2 25 stars 5 regular notebooks
3 55 stars 8 red notebooks
4 100 stars cosmetic wweater
5 125 stars 4 blue notebooks