Hogwarts Mystery Gone Batty Event

Gone Batty is a new event available for 4 days… collect Full Stars in any Class to fill up your crest bar and earn awesome rewards. This event rewards Bonus Crests from Potions class.

Gone Batty Event Rewards

As you fully complete classes you will gradually fill your Crest bar which grants progressively better rewards.

gone batty event rewards screenshot

Rewards are as follows:

  • 60 Crests – 2 Red Notebooks
  • 200 Crests – 3 Regular Notebooks
  • 450 Crests – 3 Red Notebooks
  • 650 Crests – Cosmetic Animated Shirt
  • 900 Crests – 3 Blue Notebooks

Gone Batty Event Tips

As always you will have to earn full stars in each class to gain crests to progress your bar. This means every bonus star must be completed. You should focus on Potions Class for this event if you want to make the most of your time. It’s generally faster to queue up 1 hour classes consistently, but people with a busy schedule shoulder just do 8 hour classes. Just remember to check back every 3 hours or so.