Completing Classes Efficiently

Hogwarts Mystery uses an energy system to limit the activity of players.  One energy point is generated every 4 minutes and can be used to complete activities in each class.  This guide will go over the most efficient ways to spend your limited energy pool.

Spend Energy Efficiently

In order to complete classes in Hogwarts Mystery players will select an activity which costs anywhere from 1 to 5 energy, the experience from completing the activity will go towards earning a star on the overall class progress bar.  Previously I had believed that each point of energy spent on activities directly added to the class progress and class progress required a random amount of energy.  That is WRONG and our Class Guide has since been updated.

Class progress is actually calculated after each activity is complete.  Activities that require more energy will gain a bonus to overall class progress  For example five 1 energy activities will reward slightly LESS progress than a single 5 energy activity.  Therefore you should always pick the activity which requirse the most energy.  Don’t worry about going over, whenever you reach a star the excess energy spent will be refunded at no cost to you.

Most Efficient Classes

The most efficient class depends on your goals.  Are you trying to complete classes quickly for an event, or earn the maximum amount of experience and attribute points?

The one hour class requires the least experience per star, but also rewards the least amount of attribute points upon completing the class.  The eight hour classes gives the largest amount of attribute points (50) upon completing the class, but also requires the most energy per star.  Three hour classes are generally not worth choosing.

As for the classes themselves, Care of Magical Creatures is considered the best class to “farm”.  It has by far the most 5 energy activities which will result in spending the least amount of energy to complete the class.  However if your courage attribute is capped or far ahead you may want to consider attending a different class, the difference is only a couple energy points and hardly noticeable.

Good luck in your classes and be sure to check out our full Class Guide!