Chiara Lobosca Friendship Guide

Chiara Lobosca is a Hufflepuff witch in the same year as the Main Character of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. She was afflicted with Lycanthropy at a young age due to an attack by Fenrir Greyback. Chiara largely keeps to herself as her childhood best friend shunned her when she saw her Werewolf transformation.

You will becomes friends with Chiara Lobosca upon completion of the Lone Wolf adventure. This will unlock 3 unique friendship activities: Meal with a Friend in the Great Hall, Play Gobstones in the Courtyard, and Drink Butterbeer at Hogsmeade.

Completing friendship activities will award experience which will level Chiara 10 times. The experience required and reward for leveling up are as follows:

  1. 40 experience required – 5 Gems reward
  2. 70 experience required – 5 Gems reward
  3. 80 experience required – 5 Energy Reward
  4. 100 experience required –

Now we will go over every question Chiara Lobosca can ask during her friendship activities. Answers in green are worth 10 points and should always be selected, answers in yellow are worth 5 points. Occasionally a question will have 2 green (10 point) answers.

Meal with a friend

Enjoy a meal with Chiara in the Great Hall. You will have to answer the following questions from her Wolfsbane Potion quiz:

Who invented Wolfsbane Potion?
Damocles Belby

What does the potion do?
Keeps a werewolf sane

Play Gobstones

Play a game of gobstones with Chiara in the Hogwarts Courtyard. Win by distracting her with the following answers:

What if I win?
What if you transform?
I’m going to win!

You might beat me…
Look, Behind you!
Anything can happen!

Drink Butterbeer

Upon unlocking Hogsmeade you will be able to join Chiara for a drink. Prove how well you know her by answering the following questions:

What sort of shapeshifter am I?
A werewolf

Before a full moon, I drink…
Wolfsbane Potion