Answers to Most of the New Class Questions from Year 4

Throughout our adventures in Year 4 we have encountered quite a few new Class Questions.  The Class Guide has been updated and we will go over each question here.

New Hogwarts Mystery Class Questions

What is the Counter-Charm to Colloportus?
Colloportus is the Locking Spell.

Why would you cast alohomora? To…
Unlock a door
This one didn’t seem like a new question, but we’ve never encountered it before.

An Infusion of Wormwood is NOT an ingredient in which of these potions?
Beautification Potion

Colovaria is also known as what?
Colour Change Charm
Yes, it is spelled that way outside the US.

What does Colovaria do?
Changes something’s colour
Basically the same question as the previous one..

If I wanted to use an ageing potion to make myself significantly older, what would I do?
Drink a Bigger Quantity

Which of these is not a cleaning spell?
Confringo is  the Blasting Curse… to be fair you probably could do some “cleaning” with it.

There was one other question that related to a certain type of Dive in Quidditch.  Unfortunately we misplaced it.  When it comes up we will be sure to update as soon as possible!